Downstream pressure reducing regulator

Code: R1460

R1460 Series valves are self-contained. Diaphragm operated pressure regulators, suitable for oil water gases, steam, chemicals and cryogenic systems.

The valves are robustly constructed to ensure long and satisfactory service, with renewal parts being readily available. Basically each valve consists of an actuator fitted to a flanged or screwed globe type valve body containing the plug, seat and stem. Actuators vary in size, the smallest used for the highest pressures, and are interchangeable between valve bodies.

All valve plugs are hand lapped to achieve the best possible shut off. For tighter closing, plug assemblies incorporating composition seating can be specified.

A variation of the type R1460 is available for differential service. The spring chamber is pressure loaded from a separate source and the outlet (controlled) pressure becomes a combination of the spring plus the loading pressure.

The type R1460 can be supplied constructed for cryogenic service.


Following an increased demand for fluid downstream, a drop in outlet pressure will occur. This causes a reduction in force acting against the spring allowing it to push the diaphragm downwards, opening the plug to increase flow, satisfying the demand and restoring set pressure automatically.


½”, 3/4″, 1″, 1½”, 2″

0.2 – 39 BarG

Flanged or screwed to customer’s requirements.

ANSI 600
Metal seating: refer to flange ratings for body material.
Soft seating 100º c minum + 200º c

Standard body and diaphragm chamber in cast steel, diaphragm in
st/steel or rubber and trim in st/steel. Bodies are also available
in bronze, alum. bronze and st/steel.